Goodyear & Tesloop Inc. to test new tyre technology on Tesla semi-automatics.





Goodyear is testing new tyre technology on a fleet of semi-autonomous Tesla electric cars.

The Akron tyre maker on Thursday said it has an agreement with California-based Tesloop Inc. to study and model tyre performance using real-time data generated by sensors on Tesloop’s vehicles.

Tesloop operates a fleet of Tesla cars, providing what is called “a shared passenger transportation service” for distances between 50 and 300 miles, including one Model S car that is passing the 250,000 mile mark. Tesloop is funded by Clearstone Ventures, along with investors from Facebook, Tesla Motors, and Allen & Co.

“Leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in tyre design, testing and fleet operations, our goal is to ensure that we can offer the most innovative range of tyre-related technologies and services for the next generation of connected passenger mobility fleets,” Jim Euchner, Goodyear vice president of global innovation, said in a statement.

Goodyear said the Tesloop agreement will allow it to create predictive models for tyre wear using cloud-based machine learning and analytics systems. Another goal is help the company optimize tyre maintenance.